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north dakota inpatient addiction treatment

If you or a family member is seeking drug addiction treatment, North Dakota inpatient drug rehab may be your best option. Government research shows there are 23.5 million people aged 12 or older who need drug or alcohol abuse treatment, but only 2.6 million people received it at a specialty facility in 2009. There are two main ways you can receive treatment at an addiction treatment center: inpatient and outpatient. If you have any questions about which would be best for your substance use disorder, call our specialists at Rehabs in North Dakota at (877) 267-5161 today to learn how we can help.

What to Expect in Inpatient Treatment

Depending on the severity of your addiction and what types of substances you’ve been using, inpatient treatment may be the best treatment option for you. Inpatient treatment programs typically last a minimum of 28 days and can go on for 12 months or longer. You will live in a comfortable, safe and secure facility with organized therapy sessions and activities that are designed by our addiction specialists. Your program will be tailor made to your individual needs.

The first step toward recovery in an inpatient facility is detoxification. This process rids your system of the substance you were taking. You may feel some withdrawal symptoms, but the facility’s medical staff can help by providing you with certain nonaddictive medications to manage them.

After detox, you’ll go through behavioral therapy and counseling to get to the root of your substance abuse and to learn the skills you need to avoid relapsing. Our addiction specialists can help you learn more about inpatient treatment options when you call (877) 267-5161.

The Main Advantages of Inpatient Treatment

A residential facility is considered the gold standard of addiction treatment programs. The main reason for this is that inpatient treatments provide time and focus for patients so that they can truly benefit from their addiction treatment program. The day will be organized around healthy meals, exercise and therapy sessions, so there is little time to slip back into old habits.

The detox process is also typically safer in an inpatient facility. You’ll have constant support from medical staff on a 24-hour basis, so you’ll be able to better manage your withdrawal symptoms. Should any emergency situations arise, you’ll have faster access to the medical care you need.

There may be several reasons or triggers that make you want to use drugs. During inpatient substance abuse treatment, these triggers can be identified. They could be physical triggers, like sights, smells or sounds, or they could be emotional triggers, such as anxiety, depression or elation. By isolating yourself from your environment, you’ll be able to identify and avoid these triggers while learning the skills you need to resist drug use.

While living in this safe, structured environment, you may also start relearning general life skills that you may not have used for a while. Some of those skills include interpersonal skills to help you maintain healthy relationships with other people, problem-solving skills to help you face issues and resolve them without drugs and other skills that you can use to resist the temptation to use drugs. You may even be taught skills you need to do better in school or to attain and keep a steady job.

The beauty of North Dakota inpatient drug rehab programs is that you are surrounded by caring staff who are focused on your individual concerns. There is no need to be wary of being isolated from family during your recovery time because most facilities include family participation activities, like family counseling, education programs and weekend programs. You will also meet other people in your community who are also recovering from substance use disorder. You will give and receive support and encouragement that will help everyone stay on target. For many, this camaraderie and shared experience helps them overcome addiction. Our addiction specialists can help choose the right program for you when you call (877) 267-5161.

How to Choose a Treatment Center

There are many kinds of inpatient treatment centers in North Dakota, but some may be a better fit for your particular needs than others.

Some factors you may want to consider when choosing an addiction treatment facility include:

    • The location of the center – You may want to stay in a facility closer to family and friends, but for some, it might be a better idea to stay in a more isolated location.
    • The types of programs it offers – Not all treatment centers will offer options for all types of drug use. You’ll need one that treats your specific addiction.
    • Whether family and friends are allowed to visit you – Some need the support of family in order to make a recovery.
    • The types of therapy it offers – Some people are more comfortable in group therapy settings, but some may be more comfortable in individual sessions.
    • If it offers massage or fitness programs – These extras can often be beneficial for recovering patients, helping keep them active and busy so that they are not able to focus on drug use.
    • Whether it offers follow-up care – Many people need help even after inpatient care programs are completed. See if the facility you’re looking at offers additional follow-up outpatient care or if it can refer you to a sober living facility.

If you need help choosing the right treatment center for your needs, give our addiction specialists a call at (877) 267-5161.

You Can Find Help

No matter how scared you may be or how hopeless you may feel, your drug addiction can be treated. To have the best chance to attain a drug-free life, you will need the assistance of a caring staff. We can help you choose the best drug treatment program for you as no single treatment program is right for everyone.

Depending on the type of drugs you’ve used, the amount of time you used them and the motivation you have to make a change in your life, we can help you find the program for achieving your goals for a drug-free life. Inpatient treatment is recognized by doctors and patients alike to be the most effective approach for eliminating drugs from your life. Call our addiction specialists today at (877) 267-5161 to start your journey to freedom from addiction.

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