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north dakota drug detox

The lives of many people have been touched by drug abuse either in their own experiences or through that of their loved ones. This brain disorder changes the way that the mind functions by rewiring it to do whatever is necessary to get the next fix. North Dakota drug detox is available in several formats and settings. Often, however, substance abusers and their loved ones don’t know how to access these services. Here at Rehabs North Dakota, we hope to demystify the role of a North Dakota drug detox program during addiction recovery. We have qualified staff members who are always available to answer questions about your specific situation, so call our drug detox specialists today at (877) 267-5161.

Basics of Detox

Drug detox is the first step in completing many successful drug abuse programs in North Dakota. As the name suggests, detox is the process of eliminating substances from the body. Your body must be completely clear of these chemicals before you can begin to do the necessary work for recovery. It is only once your body is clear that a doctor can do a physical and mental health evaluation and ensure that you are treated for all necessary conditions as a part of the program.

During detox, substance abusers stop using their drugs of choice and go through withdrawals before finally entering a medically stable and sober state. This process requires medical, social and psychological support. One important goal of detox is to treat patients respectfully at all times. Patients who feel dignified and maintain their self-respect are better equipped to move forward in drug addiction recovery and achieve long-term sobriety.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services describes the process of detox in three steps: evaluation, stabilization and fostering entry into treatment. During an evaluation, patients are tested to find out what substances they are using and in what quantity. At this point, they are also screened for other physical and mental health issues. Dual diagnosis patients, who face mental health challenges in addition to their addiction, require specialized treatment. While they are being weaned off of some drugs, they may be required to begin other medications to treat the mental health condition. If you or your loved one may have a dual diagnosis (now called comorbid diagnoses), call our addiction specialists at (877) 267-5161 to discuss what type of treatment may be required.

The Process

During the stabilization phase of drug detox in North Dakota, staff assists patients with moving from an intoxicated state to a sober one. This requires a variety of medical and social supports. A supportive staff offers help and compassion while medical professionals administer medications to reduce cravings or alleviate the physical symptoms of withdrawal. When the patient is medically stable, they move on to the final stage of fostering entry into treatment.

Detox is only the first step of successful substance abuse treatment in North Dakota. When patients stop treatment after detox, statistics show that they are much less successful than patients who go on to a full drug abuse program. Therefore, preparing detox patients for further treatment is very important. Social support and trust between patients and staff are the most important parts of this phase. If you have questions about the phases of detox, our experts are standing by to explain further, so call our addiction specialists today at (877) 267-5161.

Types of Detox

There are two basic models of drug detox: the medical model and the social model. A medical model is a form of inpatient drug detox. Hospitals, rehabs and other facilities offer medical detox. In a medical detox, doctors and nurses monitor patients’ vital signs and may provide medications to manage the symptoms of withdrawal. Some substance abusers are at risk of conditions such as seizures as they detox. A medical detox is a great option for them. Contact our network of knowledgeable North Dakota drug detox specialists at (877) 267-5161 to discuss your or your loved one’s situation for more information about this.

The social model of detox also takes place in an inpatient setting. For example, a sober living house may offer detox. Sober living homes can be run by certified addiction counselors, a recovered substance abuser or a combination of the two. In a detox of this type, substance abusers and staff focus on offering emotional and practical support. There is less medical supervision in this format, but testing and evaluation still take place. This is a good choice for those who are not likely to exhibit severe physical withdrawal symptoms.

What to Expect in Detox

When you arrive at detox, you will be given a physical examination prior to beginning treatment. This will help inform the staff of a number of things. It will tell them your general health and your ability to go through withdrawal symptoms. It will let them know what drugs are in your system and in what quantities. It can also help approximate how quickly you may metabolize the drugs in your system.

From there, you will be placed in a comfortable room where you can begin your detox. You may be given access to distractions like music, movies or books during the early stages. As symptoms increase, you will be given medical monitoring and possible pharmaceuticals. Some of these medications are designed to attach themselves to the same receptors in your brain that abused drugs, particularly opioids, will bond to. This can trick the brain into thinking that it is getting the fix that it needs while you detox. Other drugs can help relieve pain, nausea and more symptoms and prevent the worst of your detox from being too much. You will have access to around-the-clock medical care that is designed to make sure that you are safe, healthy and as comfortable as possible during this stage of the recovery process. Want to know more? Call our addiction specialists today at (877) 267-5161 to have your questions answered.

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Substance abuse is a problem that takes over lives and makes them unmanageable. Drug detox in North Dakota is available for those who need help getting started on the road to recovery. Detox is the first step to ending the grip substance abuse has on your life. Call our addiction specialists today at (877) 267-5161 so we can discuss your situation. We would love to help you find your path to a healthy lifestyle.

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